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Hansen Bun


Something About Me

My name is Hansen Bun. I was born in March 1990. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia but spent the majority of my childhood time overseas for my education. I stayed in Singapore for four years, where I had my elementary school and moved to San Francisco, United States, where I started receiving my middle school, high school, and university education.

After graduating with a finance degree from San Francisco State University in December 2012, I decided to move back to help and work in my dad's company. I am still employed in my dad's home appliance manufacturing company in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, I also consider myself as an entrepreneur who likes to start new businesses and invest in the stock market on the side.

If you want to learn more about me, please visit my blog at www.billionairebunny.com. My blog covers a variety of investing topics, including stock analysis, personal finance, passive income, wealth management, investment property, rental property, and retirement topics. However, most articles focus on my journey of attaining Financial Freedom through Dividend Growth and Value investing. Check my blog out (
http://www.billionairebunny.com/) for more detailed information about my history.


I have skills in designing and creating websites. I have developed many websites in the past, and this is one of my strong skills. With this skill, I can create a new website for a business.


I have created many blogs and writing content for them. I enjoy writing blog articles for my blogs, and I am also in the progress of publishing my personal finance book.


I have been in the stock market since 2007 and went through many experiences as an investor. I am very passionate about managing personal finance. This is a skill I use on my own to manage my personal wealth.


I am planning to become a YouTuber, so video editing is a skill I am currently learning. By learning video editing, I can create video content on my own.

My Hobbies & Interests

I have very sophisticated hobbies and interests. It’s challenging for me to find someone who has the same passion as me. This is the reason why I usually do the things I’m passionate about by myself.

I enjoy investing in the stock market and real estate. Managing personal finance is something I really enjoy doing. I like the thrill of managing finances because I find it very fun and exciting to do. Moreover, I have a passion for starting a new business venture. I treat beginning a new business venture just like playing video games.

When I have free time, I usually like to read and learn new things to create value for myself. I also like going to the gym to keep myself fit and healthy. I enjoyed playing video games on my desktop computer, but this is starting to fade as I grow older.

Personal Finance: Stock & Real Estate Investing

Personal Finance: Stock & Real Estate Investing

Starting New Business Venture

Starting New Business Venture

Reading, Learning & Creating Value

Reading, Learning & Creating Value

Exercising: Gym & Fitness

Exercising: Gym & Fitness

My Business Portfolio

Besides working in my dad's company, I enjoy creating new side businesses. Below are portfolios of my business ventures I created myself. I have been working on new business ventures all the time. Because starting a business is a passion of mine, I am always seeking to create something new all the time.

I’m still working in all the projects in my portfolio. If you are interested in working with me, feel free to message me anytime. We can discuss how we can succeed together!